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Navštivte aj náš partnerský portál Ubytování online, ktorý ponúka ubytovanie v Českej republike. Takisto odporúčame stránku Hotel-Ubytování, kde nájdete ubytovanie v hoteloch alebo penziónoch v Prahe. Ak sa chystátě v lete do Česka, možno sa vám zíde tip na dovolenku v lete 2012.


Jeremenkova 55
140 00 Praha 4
Česká republika
TEL: (+420) 776 888 865
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Accommodation Demänovská Dolina

Apartmány JASNÁ - Biela Púť - Nízke Tatry - Demänovská Dolina ***

Apartmány JASNÁ - Biela Púť - Nízke Tatry - Demänovská Dolina Apartmány JASNÁ - Biela Púť - Nízke Tatry - Demänovská Dolina accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Apartments Jasna Demänovská Valley its unique location, quality of equipment and complexity of services, meet the criteria for demanding clients are suitable for all types of clientele, but especially for families with children. Apartments Jasna Demänovská Valley accommodation: Accommodation Demänovská Valley Apartments are bright new furnished apartment type which offers accommodation in the following composition: 3 single and 12 two-bedroom

Apartmány Vierka

Apartmány Vierka Apartmány Vierka accommodation Demänovská Dolina
The apartments are located in Vierka Demänovská valley in a mountain environment in the crystal clear streams Demänovka and provides ideal conditions for relaxation and rest from the daily bustle.Nearby is one of the best ski resorts in the Slovak Jasna Low Tatras, thermal pools and Aquapark Tatralandia Besenova so many beautiful hiking trails.

Hotel Bystrina ***

Hotel Bystrina Hotel Bystrina accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Tatras, in the center of tourism in Demanovska Dolina. Demanovska Dolina is the most famous and most beautiful valley of the Low Tatras. The resort Jasna, which forms the end of the valley, is now a modern ski center. In the nearby village Liptovsky Jan is the thermal pool.Bystrina hotel accommodation in the Dolina DemanovskaHotel Bystrina in Demanovska Dolina offers accommodation in 18 rooms and 2 suites with balcony complete with all amenities

Chata Mrož

Chata Mrož Chata Mrož accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Mroz Cottage is situated in the Demänovská dolina, the most attractive valleys in the Low Tatras.Mroz Demanovska dolina Cottage accommodation:Mroz Demanovska dolina Cottage offers accommodation with a total capacity of 12 beds. Walrus Demanovska dolina Cottage has the following rooms:1 x 2-bed room1 x 4-bed room2 x 2 1-bedded roomFurthermore cottage Mroz Demanovska dolina has equipped kitchen, bathroom with toilet, lounge with fireplace,

Penzión Jozef *

Penzión Jozef Penzión Jozef accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Pension is located in the Joseph Demänovská Valley, the mountain crystal-clear stream. Demänovská Valley offers ideal conditions for relaxation and rest from the daily bustle. Nearby is one of the best ski resorts in the Slovak Jasna Low Tatras (4 km), thermal pool and Aquapark Besenova Tatralandia and so a lot of beautiful hiking trails.

Penzión Limba ***

Penzión Limba Penzión Limba accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Pension Limba situated in beautiful grounds Jasna Low Tatras, when they enter the Demänovská Valley. It is an ideal place for skiing, hiking, swimming, or a family holiday with small children. In winter we skate rink and children. Pension Limba Jasna Low Tatras ACCOMMODATION Clear Penziom Limbo offers its guests accommodation in double or triple rooms with private bathroom, shower, radio, telephone and satellite television.

Ski & Wellness Residence Družba ****

Ski & Wellness Residence Družba Ski & Wellness Residence Družba accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Hotel Druzhba is located in the beautiful surroundings of Low Tatras in the heart of the tourist resort Jasna. The hotel is due to its atmosphere and quality services to the most popular and most visited hotels in Liptov. The hotel has a very good location, facilities and your stay can be used as a summer holiday or a relaxing stay or organize meetings for your company.

Wellness hotel Chopok ****

Wellness hotel Chopok Wellness hotel Chopok accommodation Demänovská Dolina
Chopok Wellness Hotel, located in Demänovská Valley is situated at the beginning of the largest and most visited tourist resorts on the Slovak - Jasna Low Tatras. Luxury Spa Hotel **** Chopok in the Low Tatras in design and high standard of service provided meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. Wellness Hotel Accommodation Chopok Demänovská Valley: A total of 65 spacious hotel rooms category Standard, deluxe family rooms.