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Navštivte aj náš partnerský portál Ubytování online, ktorý ponúka ubytovanie v Českej republike. Takisto odporúčame stránku Hotel-Ubytování, kde nájdete ubytovanie v hoteloch alebo penziónoch v Prahe. Ak sa chystátě v lete do Česka, možno sa vám zíde tip na dovolenku v lete 2012.


Jeremenkova 55
140 00 Praha 4
Česká republika
TEL: (+420) 776 888 865
Call center - reservations:
(+420) 222 532 534



Accommodation Žilina

Hotel Grand ****

Hotel Grand Hotel Grand accommodation Žilina
Hotel Grand is located in the historic center of Zilina. Its unique atmosphere complete the surrounding shops, restaurants, cafes and wine bars with terraces, which are located in close proximity to the central square of the city.Hotel Grand Zilina accommodation:Hotel Grand Zilina offers accommodation in 16 single rooms, 25 double rooms and 3 suites with 12 beds with a total capacity of 80 persons.

Hotel Slovakia ***

Hotel Slovakia Hotel Slovakia accommodation Žilina
The popular and well known hotel in Slovakia with a rich tradition Inn has the best location in the city center and near the historic city of Žilina. Slovakia Inn hotel is easily accessible from either side, motor vehicles, but it is very easy access from the railway and bus station. Zilina of Slovakia and is the center of the city, it is possible to link any means of transportation anywhere in the Slovak Republic.

Hotel Slovan ***

Hotel Slovan Hotel Slovan accommodation Žilina
Hotel Slovan was founded in the 30-th years of the twentieth century and is situated in the historic city of Zilina, A. Kmeť the street. Since its inception, became the target of many visits to traders and tourists, precisely because of the convenient location. The adjacent park provides the opportunity of uninterrupted rest in the central part of the city.