2023 poker rooms without software or HUD.

The ban on poker software (trackers and HUDs) in contemporary poker rooms is a widespread occurrence. The requirement to establish a fair playing field at the tables justifies this method. This post will discuss the top sites sans HUD and their playing characteristics.

Лучшие покер-румы без HUD в 2023 году

Prime poker rooms where HUD is prohibited.


The room provides access to the world’s biggest playing field. Not just in 6-max Hold’em tables, but also at a variety of other poker variations: Rush&Cash (Fast Poker), Omaha (PLO4 and PLO5), Shortdeck, and AoF. (push-fold).

The bonus policy is mainly designed for novice players and gives several random benefits (jackpots, missions, cash drops). Daily races are a source of income for greenkeepers. The payments of the loyalty system are significantly depending on the player’s playing style, and regulars get a little RB (up to 10%).

Although the use of trackers with the PokerOK client is forbidden, it features a built-in HUD Called Smart HUD, and anonymised room history may be saved and uploaded to HM3, PT4, and H2N for game analysis.


Cache traffic ranks Room with rouble gambling among the world’s top 10 sites. The majority of it falls on Boost (Fast Poker), where three limits with wagers ranging from 1/2 to 25/50 rubles are active. In addition, there are several affordable 6 and 8-max Hold’em tables in the lobby. Omaha is played in versions PLO6 and PLO7.

The organization of bonuses for gamers is fairly simple. There are two VIP options available: with random awards and with fixed prizes. RBs ranging from 12 to 67%, as well as badbit jackpots. Run promotions often in the form of raking races.

Handwritten notes are the sole source of information about opponents. The client only stores Hand History for the current session.


The Strech Network Room cannot claim a big number of games, but its fields are notably weaker than those in larger rooms, and if you’re interested in low limitations, the traffic flow is sufficient for pleasant multiteaming even in the evening. It is basically split between standard 6-max tables and 5-max rapid poker tables (Sonic poker).

Players get rakeback initially via the first deposit bonus (20%), and then through the VIP-system (5-60%) when the bonus has been wagered. There is a unique €13,000 Sonic Race 2 with weekly leaderboards for each limit for Fast Poker players.

CoinPoker .

The majority of the action in the largest room with cryptocurrency (USDT) play, such as Thunder Poker, is gathered up to NL/PLO50$. Only in cryptoroom are the usual 6-max tables completely stacked. PLO often receives costly actions.

Coin Poker offers all the standard incentives, including 100% up to $1,100 on the first deposit, 30% rakeback, weekly tournaments, and a badbit jackpot.

Why are HUDs banned?

Romania discusses “poker ecosystem” and the protection of amateur players from regulators’ vultures. This statement is only partially accurate and does not address the primary reason for the ban: money. There is less of it in the sector, therefore roums have to improvise in order to extend the deposit life of weak players and keep them at the tables.

Clearly, HAD helps regulators “undress the chips” more quickly. Therefore, there is a trend to limit its usage.

And this method is effective: the “chips” are pleased since they have deposited less often. More money began to be ground into rake, which boosted the room’s revenue.

What effect does the suspension have on the players?

Only near-zero rakoons who used to play for ludicrous distances and subsist on rakeback are unambiguously punished. They are obviously the victim in this narrative. Without a tracker, it is almost hard to maintain that automatic way of rolling.

The elimination of the layer of greenkeepers-turned-lifers is a clear benefit for “average” regulars who play a respectable number of tables while attentively observing their opponents, making color markings, and taking notes.

The consequence of refusing to employ a HUD is mostly a psychological issue. Regulators are used to manipulating it. In contrast, there are several instances in which some of the world’s greatest online poker players never utilized it. For them, the ability to play in the plus without a HUD at any restriction is axiomatic.

What should one do?

Banning HAD is not a calamity. People who have played with it for many years and made gaming judgments based on hundreds of statistical indications may rearrange themselves in a matter of weeks, according to practice.

There are fewer possibilities to exploit opponents without stats. There is a possibility that variance may increase, but excellent ABC poker and enhanced GTO abilities are always lucrative for regulators, regardless of external conditions.

Therefore, lowering the number of tables played, raising the degree of attention paid to what is occurring at those tables, creating systematic notes, and developing competence should ultimately provide the same gains as using trackers.


Playing without HAD is both important and feasible! Moreover, roums have already created a new option in order to increase the number of ways that players may get information at the tables while ensuring equitable access.

The next phase in the evolution of poker statistics should be the incorporation of a HUD with basic statistics.

It now operates on just two networks (GGNetwork and iPoker), but it is probable that it may debut in more TOP ROOMS in the next years.

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