André Leão surprises Alen Fillipi with his presentation at KSOP SA

André Leão surprises Alen Fillipi with an unusual...

After much anticipation over the past few months, the KSOP GGPoker South America has begun. As always, the event begins with a Top 36 ranked freeroll, but this will be the last of its kind. There were several well-known players in the competition, and the atmosphere was light and fun, with a great debate between André Leão and Alen Fillipi.

It is still early in the tournament and the tables are at their most crowded. There are five players. In addition to the two, Matheus Rocha, Pedro Paulo and Carlos Camargo also participated. In the first hand between them, Leão dueled with Alen Fillipi, and the pair watched as the flop brought A45 and two spades. The player from São Paulo placed the c-bet and left the decision to the player from Alagoas.

Alen Fillipi pitches Mundo Poker Reveals that he has a flush draw and decides to raise. Leo then expressed no interest in continuing and asked Allen if he could compete in the showdown if he was eliminated. Allen awkwardly agreed to show his cards, but Andre surprised him. The São Paulo player announced another raise, prompting laughter from the table.

Allen said he had never seen comments like this before, but he paid anyway. Leon later said he took a practice shot and hit a fly ball around the turn. He managed to take some chips away from Alagoas in the continuation hand. The outcome of the hand didn’t matter, but Alen discovered a new and unusual line in the first KSOP GGPoker South America event that he could use later.

André Leão surprises Alen Fillipi with an unusual...


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    This text seems to describe a poker tournament called KSOP GGPoker South America, highlighting the atmosphere, dialogue, and gameplay between the players. It also mentions a strategic move made by Alen Fillipi that could potentially be implemented in future events.

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