Andres Gonzalez, Mario Navarro, and Juan Pardo all won in the Iconic Tuesday

Once upon a time, the two largest international online poker clubs, Pokerstars and GGPoker, agreed to name Tuesday as “Super,” but it seems that agreement has been shattered on the Asian side.

A few of our exiled grinders had little trouble sticking to a coordinated strategy yesterday, and they ended up winning a number of major events together.

Juan Pardo, who was seen in both foyers, is our first example. On GGPoker, where he played in the Super Tuesday tournament (now called the Tuesday Classic HR 1,050$), he had a better night.

Juan entered a tournament with 127 other people and stayed until there were only five players remaining (5th, $9,547), leaving just before the prize pool hit $10,000.

But, Malaka had already won the Bounty Hunters $525 tournament a few of hours before, so he knew his session would include five-figure payouts.

He entered a cheaper and busier competition (272 entrants) to put Mongolian pro Tsolmon Erdene Ochir, who streams and is affiliated with the room, to the test in heads-up play. Genghis Khan’s descendants have not yet been able to cut the grass at Malaka’s (1st, $32,054) feet.

Despite being exhausted after his time in Paris, Juan still braved the multi-room and made the final table of the third Irish Poker Online event on Pokerstars. This tournament cost $320 and was classified as a High Roller within the context of the festival’s budgetary constraints.

As Mario Navarro was one of the few players to escape Malaka in this event, Juan’s fifth-place result (3,204 dollars) enables us to spin the second victory mentioned in the title in just the right way.

The re-buys paid off handsomely when he saw that his moniker “t4t0PAGAU” would end up on the leaderboard ahead of his heads-up opponent, “SMACKBONK” (1st, $9,600), from Sweden.

Before returning to the Asian operator, it’s important to mention that the $1,050 SuperTuesday that this piece centers on also had a Spanish player at the final table. After finishing in eighth place, Mario got a $2,241 consolation prize.

Andres Gonzalez “MaShallah” in the Bounty King left $320 for a last leader as we bid goodbye.

Andres was able to secure bounty payments amounting to 150% of the $ 5,375 reward for qualifying by picking his reserve victims well from a field of just 87 participants.