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This weekend, CNP’s match in Medellin will be played in two shifts in the main event

This weekend, CNP's match in Medellin will be play...

The National Poker Tour (CNP) top-flight tournament in Medellin will complete its initial phase of five races Friday-Saturday; the price-definition phase will begin the following day, scheduled for this Sunday . The winner of the event, with a purse of at least $400,000,000 ($100,000), will be announced this Monday at a conference broadcast live.

A total of 247,000

Edward Lemus led Flight 1A of the Central Championship at this CNP Medellin.

A sensational event will take place this Wednesday at the Player’s Interest National Poker Tour (CNP) schedule on Monday, July 24th in Medellin. The Main Event of the series, sponsored by the Latin American subsidiary of Laroush Eventos, got off to a tentative start with Flight 1A, with three players already winning Seats for Day 2 of this Sunday’s event. With 247,000 in chips in his pocket, Edward Lemus was the biggest casher on night one with a guaranteed minimum prize of $400,000,000 ($100,000). Lemus joined Swiss Ivo Gerber on 124,000 points, while Johann Camilo Herrera did not disappoint and finished Sunday night with 94,000 locked his position.

The tournament has a buy-in of CO$2,500,000 ($625) and Flight 1B has been postponed to this Friday afternoon due to the holiday, which corresponds to Colombia Independence Day, celebrated on Thursday, July 20. On the same day, Flight 1C will proceed with a short distance and high speed. A similar day will take place on Saturday the 22nd, with rounds 1D and 1E; the first in the afternoon, lasting 40 minutes, and the last, also in the evening at top speed. By paying the registration fee, each player has a stack of 50,000 chips. In addition, the participant can pay an additional CO$250,000 (US$62.5) in additional chips, adding a bonus of 10,000 points to his stack and allowing him to participate in the dispute of the package allowed by the champion. Participation will be held in Madrid The Finals of the CNP season.

Full Reto was one of the most notable sponsors of the CNP this time, adding $30,000,000 ($7,500) in prize money to the event budget, This amount has been converted into a payment of $2,500,000 CO$ ($625) awarded to the best entrant on each of the four remaining flights in the early stages of the tournament; in addition, there are 10 more for each round worth $500,000 ($125) Prize money is drawn randomly from participants who occupy first-hand seats in each of the above competitions. Day 2 of the competition, still open for early entry, is scheduled for Sunday the 23rd at 2:00 pm; while the Finals for the Main Event will be on Monday the 24th Broadcast at 12 noon during a race on the Paisa stage of the CNP via cards viewed by our team of reporters.

This weekend, CNP's match in Medellin will be play...

PokerStars MicroMillions Opening Day Hosts Poker Tournament

PokerStars MicroMillions Opening Day Hosts Poker T...

The new installment of the MicroMillions series started yesterday on PokerStars with €2.5 million in guaranteed prize money.

The first session of the day 12 projects of the program is coming to an end, La Roja did well with 4 victories b>, and is in the leading position in the rankings of various countries. These are the Spanish winners:

  • DunDunDugan won the MM-01: €5,995.29.
  • ExTeRBoy won the MM-03: €2,189.22.
  • Pablojbf1988 won the MM-05: €627.78.
  • pachulit 1st place in MM-13: €3,443.42.

After 12 matches, Spain leads the country rankings:

  • 1. Spain: 4 wins.
  • 2. France: 3.
  • 3. Kazakhstan and Portugal: 2.
  • 5. Montenegro: 1.

With these victories, La Roja took a total of 26 victories from yesterday’s MTT. Among the winners, “hole86” stood out and won the Online Double Crown. These are Sunday’s Spanish winners:

The Spaniard won 6doubles (in the list Marked with an asterisk) and Balance Sheet HU Our team Draw: 20Win 20 Second Place.

TodayThe MicroMillions Series MTT awaits us with the PokerStars Daily Regular Tournament Schedule together. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

PokerStars MicroMillions Opening Day Hosts Poker T...

Matías Gabrenja and Sebastián Lobo bombing at Wynn

Matías Gabrenja and Sebastián Lobo bombing at Wynn

Argentine players Matías Gabrenja and Sebastián Lobo round out their 2023 trip to Las Vegas at the final table of the Wynn Summer Classics, where they both won The best prizes for each were the Mystery Bounty $2M Guaranteed event, which had 3,856 entries worth $1,600 and awarded $5,552,640 to the top 423 players. These include Argentinian Hernán Crespín ($355 – $2,400), Martín Sgrilletti ($259 – $2,675) and Gastón Gurevich ($215 – $3,050) , Gabriel Lo Valvo ($157 – $3,525) and Alejandro Pérez Dorignac ($51 – $8,415).

Sebastián Lobo was eliminated in seventh place to earn the best money of his career: $85,833. It was his eighth cash of the year in Las Vegas (two at the 2023 WSOP), and he took home $103,774.

Matias Gabrenja topped the podium and won the grand prize for third place for $251,987, his best finish on the money circuit. At the 2023 WSOP, he has two cash wins, finishing 11th in Event 79 for $47,516 and 94th in Event 86 for $4,479. With career earnings of $545,596, he ranks 40th on Argentina’s all-time money list.

Matías Gabrenja and Sebastián Lobo bombing at Wynn

Casino Barcelona CEP kicks off with opening

Casino Barcelona CEP kicks off with opening

There are only a few weeks left before the Casino of Spanish Poker (CEP) will be held at the Casino de Barcelona and as usual, the Opening will be Decided that everything festival kicked off.

This tournament will be held Friday, August 11th through Sunday, August 13th with buy-insover $330 (291€ + 9€ + 30€) and 25,000 starting chips are awarded to all registrants.

Casino Barcelona is ready.

Initial 3 flights planned (Turbo Days 1A, 1B & 1C) with the first two scheduled for

Meanwhile, Unlimited Entry Registration is not possible until the end of level 10. Early online registration closes at 23:00 on Thursday 10th and can be done on the casino website.

If you want to try your luck with Satellite, you can buy 60 euros on Friday the 11th at 19:00 this will get you from 10,000 The starting point for the level at 15 minutes.

On the other hand, everyone who got their chips at the Casino de Barcelona table at the end of the day has to come back for Day 2 scheduled for Sunday the 13th at 4:30pm Battle until the winner.

Barcelona Casino CEP Details

The Spanish Poker Tournament (CEP) presented by PokerStars is scheduled to start August 11th Available Six games. In addition to the Opening there is also a Mini CEP (€200), a Mystery Bounty (€660), a huge Main Event(€500), Second Chance (€330) and High Roller (€1,100) also plays. Find all the details here.

Casino de Barcelona already knows what it means to host a Hispanic culturally important festival of poker tournaments /strong>, because both in 2019 and this year In February, it was both the stage for two of the most crowded tournaments in the tour’s history.

CEP is planning more races throughout the remainder of the year, including Malaga, Sevilla and Peralada, will complete operations in December.

Casino Barcelona CEP kicks off with opening

Brazilian takes podium at WSOPC Bounty Hunter Summer

Brazilian takes podium at WSOPC Bounty Hunter Summ...

On Monday the 17th, Brazilian players battle it out for the title in the WSOP Summer Circuit Main Championship on GGPoker. The $54 Bounty Hunter Summer Edition ends in green and yellow. Guilherme “GoTMakeUpIssues” Teles was the winner and $22,580. “kelefeeling” (2nd place) and Carla “MickChecker” Marins (3rd place) won $14,947 and $9,431, respectively. The tournament attracted 4,862 entrants.

In the tiebreaker of Event #9: $400 Monster Stack Bounty No-Limit Hold’em, Thiago “KeepControl” Crema took the national spotlight. . He lost the nine-handed event and won $14,657.

Brunno Botteon won $13,989 after beating 29 players in the $1,050 PLO Bounty Main Event HR. Daniel “croce 61” Croce came in second with $6,923.

Eduardo Pires finished fourth with $12,472 in the $525 Bounty Hunter Summer HR Competition.

Meanwhile, Kunkinho is one knockout away from winning the $250 Summer Classic. To achieve this achievement, his bankroll increased by $11,641. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOPC High Roller: $888 CRAZY EIGHTS HR”Dihh21″ 1st Place $9,786 WSOPC Series: $32,10 Bounty King of the Summer Jr”Need4Split” 1st Place $9,474WSOPC High Roller Tournament: $1,500 Midnight Madness HR [Super] “Creed Bratton” 2. $8,932 WSOPC Series: $150 Monday Monster Stack “EstevaoJobs” 4. $7,269 WSOPC Series: $215 Bounty Hunter Block Party “dfranco13” 3. $7,084 WSOPC High Roller: $1,050 Monday Monster Stack HR “CreedBratton” 6. $7,057 WSOPC Series: $200 each Day Six – MaxGabriel Medeiros 2. $6,653 WSOPC Series: $215 Bounty Hunter Block Party Paulo Brombim 6. $6,381

WSOPC Series: $250 Monster Stack “PartOfTheGame” 3. $5,272

Brazilian takes podium at WSOPC Bounty Hunter Summ...

“What Game Is This?”: Diego Emperador at WSOP 2023

The WSOP Main Event bubble is a unique moment. No one wants to risk falling into the last thankless spot outside the prize pool. With 55 big blinds in hand, Diego Emperador was almost waiting for the payout to be announced when, at the worst possible moment, he hit a huge deadlock and made a survival decision.

He told us about everything that happened at the station in the “What game is this?” board. After a small raise from player Daniel Vampan, Diego held and defended the big blind. “Very active in the bubble, he’s very big,” Paulista described. The flop came and Diego check-called a third of his opponent’s bet.

On the turn, the opponent initiates a pot betting attack. “I think he’s going to put a lot of pressure on me. His range is pretty much any second start for me because the other players are very out of control. They’re all American and they’re small. They say they will.” “Fold to AA on the bubble. So he might open both,” he explained.

“Maybe it’s worth betting on a worse J for him,” Emperador added. He called and saw the board was done on the river. “This place is sick. There’s a big pot, 225,000 in chips, and I’m 40 blinds behind, so 325,000,” he said. Vampan declared an all-in pot and a half, leaving the Brazilian in his position to make the decision of his tournament life.

“His value range It’s very narrow in there. There’s going to be AJ, tricks, sequences, but he’s going to want it very badly too.” He’s not going to go all out and make me lose control, it’s the main event bubble, it takes a lot. I thought about it, and I thought about it, and I think he has a lot more bluff combo than value combo. All seven, all five, even more,” he explained.

A crowd of cameras and reporters approached the Brazilian’s table, adding to the pressure. He called and hit, as his opponent said “It was too bad because it filled the audience with cameras, pressure, clouds and a lot of people. “Diego also compared Vampan’s response in another similar match and noticed a change.”

” He asked about the time had come and had played against another player in another hand The player is all-in. His expression was very calm. That hand says “He has changed.” On the other hand, he says he has value, in which case he examines it closely, asks what the watch is, etc. It also makes me want to play,” explained the Brazilian. If he misses the call, he’ll win a consolation buy-in for the 2023 WSOP.

Pros and businessmen will fight again in a millionaire tournament

Pros and businessmen to battle it out again in a m...

High-stakes professionals and entrepreneurs will once again compete in the Million Dollar Championship. In May, the Luxon Pay Invitational returned at the Triton Series Cyprus, with 14 players already confirmed for the $200,000 buy-in event.

Pros y empresarios volverán a luchar en un torneo millonario

Legends Poker Series Is Forging Strong Ties With Kyrenia Off The Coast Of Cyprus , and has become the most frequented circuit for super high rollers visiting the Mediterranean island.invite

Sam Grafton was last year’s Invitational Champion.

Paul Phua He and his team have been working with various organizations to hold events in Cyprus and the next visit will be the Triton Series Cyprus, which will take place from 10-25 May 2023, where one of the games will be held, when All can speak.

This is the Luxon Pay Invitational , an exclusive welcome competition with a $210,000 entry fee that invites businesspeople to the event and chooses a professional to accompany them.

This year, the Triton Series announced the first seven couples invited to the competition, which we’ve featured below:

  • Tony G invited Laszlo Bujtas .
  • Jiang Xuexia invited Jason Koon .
  • Punnat Punsri invited Danny Tang .
  • Cary Katz invited Bryn Kenney .
  • Santosh Suvarna invited Seth Davies .
  • James Bord invited Barak Wisbrod .
  • Philip Sternheimer invited Fedor Holz .

The existence of exclusive events like this helps the Triton Series establish its relevance on the track and attract elite players from around the world. In addition, the event receives a lot of media attention , which adds to its appeal and contributes to the circuit’s overall success.

In 2022 , the event, also held in Cyprus, attracted 115 entries, with Sam Grafton collecting a $23 million prize pool When he became champion, he took home $5.5 million , the second-highest live poker payout awarded last year, behind only the WSOP Main Event winner.

Pros and businessmen to battle it out again in a m...

Christian Grosz is the Brazilian Poker Tour Turbo KO Champion

Christian Gross Wins Brazilian Poker Tour Turbo KO...

Thursday (22) shows some of the Brazilian Poker Tour events taking place in the lobby of the St Andre Hotel in Bristol. The high rollers were the highlight of the day, but there was another event that had players cheering: the Turbo KO. The guaranteed amount is R$10,000. The last player to celebrate was Christian Gross.

The tournament has a buy-in of R$ 150 and has 60 entrants and 37 returners for a total of 97 matches. Cristian ignored the game and showed short-blind skill to take home the first prize of R$1,740. This does not include the bounty value accumulated by champions on the track.

The big tie final table featured Fabiano Sabor, Leonardo Toledo, Lennon Marques, Anderson Foss, Hector Pelar, Ricardo Juca and William Correa. The last player on the board to take the championship photo and win the grand prize was Bruno Miranda Fonseca. The runner-up receives R$ 1,100 from the regular prize pool.

The side event greatly exceeded the Brazilian Poker Tour guarantee of R$10,000, totaling R$. $14,550.

Check out the determination of the finalists’ prize pool:

1. – Christian Gross – 1,740 Reals

2. – Bruno Fonseca – 1,100 reals

3. – William Correa – 850 reals

4. – Ricardo Yucca – R$ 600

5. – Hector Peral – 500 reals

6. – Anderson Fox – 450 reals

7. Placement – ​​Lennon Marques – R$400

8. Rank – Leonardo Toledo – R$310

9th Place – Fabiano Sabor – R$280

Christian Gross Wins Brazilian Poker Tour Turbo KO...

GIni kicks off Day 2 of WSOP Event #64, all Brazilians

Paulo Gini is one of the Brazilians to qualify for...

Brazilian poker officials continue to work hard to improve the country’s WSOP record. The Brazilian has already had a solid run in 2023, with Yuri Martins winning his third bracelet at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas, and two more final tables recently with Sérgio Braga and Vitor Coutinho.

Brazil was also represented on Day 2 in the Event #64 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack Tournament ($600 buy-in). Paulo Gini is one of the most famous Brazilians in this field. The Live star was one of the qualifiers and amassed 300,000 in chips for the tournament series.

The leader of the Brazilian team is Cassio Kienen. The player ended Day 1 with 488,000 in chips, 50th in the tournament chip count and more than $2 million in prize money. Another player who made good progress was Henry Fischer, who had 363,000 in chips on Day 2.

Several other representatives from Brazil qualified. They are: Daniel Rodrigues (328,000), Guilherme Santana (140,000), Arthur Campos (139,000), Felipe Phil (131,000), Igor Oliveira (108,000) and Lucas Da Silva (88,000).

Day 2 of the controversy will return this Thursday (29th) at 14:00 Brazil time. The day starts at level 18 with blinds of 5,000/10,000 and a big blind stake of 10,000. The remaining 543 players on the field also performed 10 blind levels. All participants have entered the $960 prize pool.

Paulo Gini is one of the Brazilians to qualify for...

WSOP 2023: Steven Thompson Finishes 4th in Mystery Millions

WSOP 2023: Steven Thompson in Mystery Millions

On Monday, June 5, Steven Thompson of Costa Rica almost won his first World Series of Poker bracelet. This is Event #3 Mystery Millions, with 18,188 entrants and a $1,000 value, the largest tournament of the 2023 WSOP.

Steven started the final table second in chips and finished fourth, earning the biggest cash of his career: $330,150. With this achievement, his live tournament earnings rose to $832,000 and he climbed to sixth place among Costa Rica’s top winners.

Read more about Thompson’s incredible life here In this interview we interviewed him in 2021, if not I You are invited to read his biographical novel 4 Bullets, which you can buy on Amazon.

These are the Mystery Million finalists:

Photo credit: PokerNews

Other #WSOP2023 news:

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  • Ezequiel Vialaret Event #4 81st Place
  • Nacho Barbero 14 Inch Event #5
  • Latino Collection Event #3 Mystery Million
  • Ezequiel Vialaret, Hugo Nazar and Mario Lopez won in Event #11
  • Maximiliano Gallardo Finished 30th in Event #12


WSOP 2023: Steven Thompson in Mystery Millions