Auto-suggest scripts are no longer permitted on the iPoker network.

Autoposting scripts, which enabled players to swiftly grab seats at tables close to weak opponents, were banned from the iPoker network yesterday, making it the final major poker site to do so. As of March 1, 2023, employing such software will result in a ban from the service.

Autoposting scripts are no longer permitted on the iPoker network.

An appropriate prohibition

Modern roums not only forbid bumhunt (the practice of intentionally seeking out weak opponents) in their rules, but they also use a variety of techniques that, in theory, should make it impossible to engage in such behavior.

Starting on March 1, 2023, the usage of autoplay scripts was forbidden in all iPoker network roums.

The following phrase appears on the RedStar Poker site under the heading “How to Play – Banned Software” as one example:

“What is more frequently referred to as a “boarding script” is any service or product that aids in making better gaming choices. To provide just a few of examples, there’s Magic Seat and one007.”

Those who suspect an opponent of employing such software may now file an official complaint with the service’s support staff, including the suspects’ screen identities and the stakes at which they were playing. If the investigation turns up positive results, the offenders will be blacklisted and their assets would be confiscated before being returned to the victims.

Similarly prohibited are applications that:

You may either play alone or provide him real-time guidance (bots, GTO-advisors, RTA).

Just by watching the game, you may learn what prizes are being given out.

Share your equity estimates and any relevant readings (solvers, calculators).

Just why is it so late tonight?

All of the other major poker sites have had similar prohibitions in place for a while now. The online poker site PokerStars, for instance, made the change in April 2019.

Several years ago, iPoker implemented features for its room customers that made it more difficult to bumhunt. They don’t have waiting lists, you may just go to sitout at all tables at once, and your opponents’ table names will be shown when you set the blinds. None of these, however, prohibit the scripts from functioning normally with the software in the network room.

With iPoker’s rapid expansion, maybe company leaders reasoned that the risks posed by this kind of software were overstated. Now that skins traffic has “frozen” at a particular level, a more serious battle for the poker ecosphere is necessary.

We can’t rule out the possibility that iPoker would outright prohibit tracking software in an effort to level the playing field at the tables. Indeed, the in-game Player HUD has been accessible for about two years. Until Playtech responds, we will wait.

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    The text discusses the banning of autoposting scripts on the iPoker network, which allows players to quickly join tables with weak opponents. This move follows other major poker sites implementing similar prohibitions. Players who are found to be using such software will be banned from the service, and opponents can file complaints with the support staff for investigation.

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