Christian Grosz is the Brazilian Poker Tour Turbo KO Champion

Christian Gross Wins Brazilian Poker Tour Turbo KO...

Thursday (22) shows some of the Brazilian Poker Tour events taking place in the lobby of the St Andre Hotel in Bristol. The high rollers were the highlight of the day, but there was another event that had players cheering: the Turbo KO. The guaranteed amount is R$10,000. The last player to celebrate was Christian Gross.

The tournament has a buy-in of R$ 150 and has 60 entrants and 37 returners for a total of 97 matches. Cristian ignored the game and showed short-blind skill to take home the first prize of R$1,740. This does not include the bounty value accumulated by champions on the track.

The big tie final table featured Fabiano Sabor, Leonardo Toledo, Lennon Marques, Anderson Foss, Hector Pelar, Ricardo Juca and William Correa. The last player on the board to take the championship photo and win the grand prize was Bruno Miranda Fonseca. The runner-up receives R$ 1,100 from the regular prize pool.

The side event greatly exceeded the Brazilian Poker Tour guarantee of R$10,000, totaling R$. $14,550.

Check out the determination of the finalists’ prize pool:

1. – Christian Gross – 1,740 Reals

2. – Bruno Fonseca – 1,100 reals

3. – William Correa – 850 reals

4. – Ricardo Yucca – R$ 600

5. – Hector Peral – 500 reals

6. – Anderson Fox – 450 reals

7. Placement – ​​Lennon Marques – R$400

8. Rank – Leonardo Toledo – R$310

9th Place – Fabiano Sabor – R$280

Christian Gross Wins Brazilian Poker Tour Turbo KO...