Daniel Neilson hurt by miscount at WSOP Paradise

Bookmaker miscalculated a key pot in three-hand dr...

In the three-hand main event at WSOP Paradise, the pot between tournament winner Stanislav Zegal and third-place finisher Australian Daniel Neilson was crucial to both players’ futures. After the Bahamas event, Australian website PokerMedia noticed a significant error in the dealer’s count for the hand.

At halftime, Zegal faced off against Neilson when the cards showed the cards were about to turn. Nelson had more leverage and went all out to fire Zeger into the goal. The German called and the river card was revealed, sealing the pot. When counting, the dealer announced that the chips were 48,000,000, but the actual number was 38,000,000.

Neilson accepted the count and paid the chips, leaving only 5,200,000 instead of 15,200,000. Oddly, the numbers for the WSOP Paradise event shown on YouTube were correct (38,000,000), while Neilson had 15,200,000 left in chips at the start of the event. He actually only had 5 big blinds left but was eliminated quickly, winning $900,000.

“The official position of each tournament is that if “the action has been accepted,” there is no recourse after the tournament ends,” WSOP general manager Ty Stewart told PokerMedia. He added that the error was “unforgettable.” It’s “heartbreaking” for the players who were victimized and the WSOP is thoroughly investigating the matter.

Bookmaker miscalculated a key pot in three-hand dr...

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  • This text describes a significant error in the chip count during a poker tournament, which affected the outcome for the players involved. It emphasizes the disappointment and investigation by the WSOP, as well as the lack of recourse once the action has been accepted.

  • The text describes a crucial pot in a poker tournament where there was an error in the dealer’s count, resulting in one player losing a significant number of chips. The WSOP is investigating the matter, but their official position is that there is no recourse after the tournament ends.

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