[Gallery] Doyle Brunson’s Last Live Show

The Word Series of Poker is just weeks away, although Doyle Brunson Unfortunately retired, he was able to contribute to this 2023 WSOP.

Over the years, the number of poker legends making public appearances has been on the decline. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic and his fragile health, Brunson’s next of kin and medical team have been very cautious about his personal commitments.

As you know, WSOP has gone back to its old home and recently Bally’s changed its name to Horseshoe Las Vegas Back to the place where this great festival was born.

The Opening Ceremony took place on Friday, March 24th and unknowingly was Doyle’s last man See Brunson posing for the camera with a huge smile and signature poseTexas cowboy hat.

At an event hosted by Jack Binion, former owner of Binion’s Horseshoe, as well as some senior executives of Caesars Entertainment and Jack Effel , Vice Chair of the WSOP, spent an evening with various media.

The upcoming 30 WSOP 2023 begins May On the 14th, while Doyle Brunson will not be at the table, his legacy will continue to walk the halls and it will be good to see Tributes sure to come in the coming weeks.

Doyle Brunson was last seen in Las Vegas

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