Garagnani and Schroeder kicked off the week with triumphs in Brazil at PokerStars.

Pedro Garagnani won his third New Year Series championship at the PokerStars New Year Series.

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Sharks Pedro Garagnani and Gabriel Schroeder hoisted the green and gold flag at the New Year Series, which was arranged by the red spade chamber. Garagnani won the US$2,100 Progressive Knockout Series Saver tournament, marked as festival event #133-High, while Schroeder won the US$530 Main Event Second Chance tournament, designated as festival event #135-High. The prizes for their crowns were $56,267 and $39,772 respectively.

Garagnani and Schroeder led the auriverde to another good day in the New Year Series.

This past Monday, the grinders of the Brazilian armada starred in one more of the lucrative campaigns to which they have acclimated us with their good results in the major tournaments held by the leading international online poker platforms. Pedro Garagnani, known in the PokerStars virtual poker room as ‘pvigar,’ won his third championship in the New Year’s Series in the red spade room, maintaining his legendary performance.

Garagnani ended with all of the chips in the US$2,100 Progressive Knockout Series Saver tournament, marked as event #133-High in the series, and won a total of US$56,267 for his triumph, when combining the winnings from the tournament and the eliminations he suffered on his way to the top.

Gabriel Schroeder, known by the alias gabsdrogba, also left the green and gold flag at the top of the lobby after defeating 442 opponents to win the US$530 Main Event Second Chance, event #135-High of this New Year Series. This outstanding achievement won him a stunning payment of $39.772.

Gabriel Schroeder won the US$530 Main Event Second Chance, event #135-High of the New Year Series, in spectacular fashion.

In turn, Daniel ‘danieldl7’ Arajo earned US$15,030 as the winner of the US$55 Mini Bounty Builder High Roller event. The lengthy Sunday Storm was won by the pseudonymous samba nation representative ‘Gregorio26’. This success enabled the unidentified grinder to convert a small investment of US$11 into significant earnings of US$12,531.

The US$22 Progressive Knockout Series Saver competition was won by an unidentified player, ‘raank5’, who outlasted an enormous field of 8,772 registered players to collect a sum of US$16,309. Honey Dick, whose name is likewise unknown, served as his escort and got $12,238 for the trip.

Carlos ‘maderinha22’ Madeira was one seat away from the podium in the US$55 8-Max Turbo Second Chance Main Event, a tournament categorized as event #135-Medium of the New Year Series. Madeira was not out of place on this productive day for the representatives of the so-called South American giant. With his fourth-place finish, Madeira won $8,677.

In the end, Bernardo ‘bedias’ Dias demonstrated his expertise in four-card stud with pots divided between high and low combinations and won all the chips in the $109 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event, which was scheduled as Event #134-Low of the New Year Festival. His championship earned him $7,863 in earnings.