GGMasters Overlay Edition concluded with a million overlays.

The overlay occurred: the first flights of the GGMasters Anniversary Edition concluded on PokerOK.

At PokerOK, the GGMasters Overlay Anniversary Edition opening flights have concluded. The prize pool for the $10,000,000 guaranteed event came close to exceeding the guarantee.

In the second part of February, there were 64,622 submissions, which covered approximately 90% of the guarantee, or $8,917,836. The estimated overlay was $1,082,164. On Day 2, 6,383 participants entered the tournament and proceeded directly to the ITM zone. Hundreds of Russian-speaking poker players were awarded the minimum payment of $362.

The competition was interrupted yesterday at the two-table stage, leaving 15 players to compete for the GGMasters Overlay Edition Cup today. The beginning time is midnight Moscow time.

Regrettably, all Russian-speaking poker players withdrew from the competition. A Russian – wraJke@ – was the last person to leave the anniversary celebration and was awarded $27,545 in prize money. Phil Grussem, a German poker pro competing under the Russian flag, maintains fifth position in the chip count.

Six-figure rewards begin at $127,472 for seventh place. Since the top three jammies are pretty palpable, though, the winner will get $806,000 if no agreement is reached. There is a $233,000 gap between first and second place, and over $150,000 between second and third. In addition, the winner will get a unique avatar that will be displayed to all participants.

At the conclusion of the GGMasters Overlay Edition, the APT series will continue to be accessible in the PokerOK lobby. It will end on March 5th. The poker club regularly holds the WSOP Circuit Spring Online series in the spring, thus there is unlikely to be a lengthy gap between significant events. The tournament began on March 24 with at least $100,000,000 and 18 gold rings at stake.