Jason Wheeler Comments on Big Rumors About GGPoker

Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event online? Jason Wheeler...

GGPoker is increasingly dominating the online poker market, with the company now having the most simultaneous players and the best tournaments at virtual tables. However, one of the markets the brand has yet to enter is North America due to post-Black Friday restrictions.

At the WSOP, the site appeared as an official sponsor and, of course, his goal is to one day achieve online poker dominance in the United States. As a result, rumors about GGPoker spread on social media through posts by “jdtpoker” Jason Wheeler.

With the brand’s recent partnerships with the WSOP, KSOP and other circuits around the world, GGPoker has begun offering “Day 1” of some of these events’ main events at its online gaming tables. For some players, this is a good thing, as traveling “organized” from the comfort of your own home is an added bonus, preventing further fatigue.

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Rumours about the brand were initiated by the aforementioned American regulars just days before the record-breaking WSOP 2023 Main launch. Jason’s post discussing the possibility of an online format for this year’s main tournament “Days 1” received numerous responses:

“Street Rumor: GG is forming a US subsidiary and will acquire the rights WSOP… Rumor has it that a big plan is live streaming Day 1 via the Nevada-based GG client. The master plan envisions that, when it finally opens, it will be better positioned in the US market than PokerStars. Likely true rumors: 60%.

Some of the comments, like Joseph Graber’s, said that “60% hate the idea of ​​mixing Day 1 live and online.” “40% just want that” Not really” represents a possible dissatisfaction with the possibility of taking this format.

If you compare that to the bracelets won in the online and live formats, there’s definitely a big wing for the community Due to the “glamor” of the Main Event, in stark contrast to “Days 1” in online format. Do you agree? Comment on Mundo Poker’s social networks.

Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event online? Jason Wheeler...


  • This text discusses how GGPoker is dominating the online poker market and its goal of achieving online poker dominance in the United States. Rumors are spreading about GGPoker’s plans, including the possibility of streaming Day 1 of the WSOP online. Some players are excited about the convenience of online poker events, while others have concerns about mixing live and online formats.

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