Juan Barattini wins LAPT 2023 ranking

Juan Barattini wins LAPT 2023 ranking

At the BSOP Millions 2023 event, Juan Barattini was crowned the new champion of the prestigious ranking of the Latin American Poker Tour. On Tuesday, the Argentinian scored the last points to become the new champion of the LAPT standings and win$50,000in prize money.

For Baratini, the road to glory was by no means easy. After finishing third in the LAPT Panama Main Event, he took the lead in the competition and began to add value to his year-round trips to iconic cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Panama City, Iguazu and finally São Paulo.

BSOP and LAPT Director Devanir Campos with Juan Barattini and his daughter Olivia.

With an outstanding performance across five stages, Barattini reached the Main Event final table twice for a total of four final tables throughout the year and secured victory with 1,883 points.

In Winning In a later interview with SuperPoker, Barattini shared his feelings and thanks to Anthony Barranqueiros, who finished second and won $15,000 in prize money. The Argentinian highlighted the hard-fought match and praised the Brazilian’s abilities as a player, expressing his desire to support him in the future.

“It’s very difficult to play against Anthony, and the fact is he’s a great player.” Player. I will support him from now on. Before I couldn’t because I had to score, but now I want him to win everything. ”

Baranqueiros is also the LAPT champion this year.

His family was present for this momentous achievement , Baratini revealed the motivation behind his involvement at the poker table. “I do all this for my daughter Olivia and all the awards are for her. “

Talking about future plans, Baratini confirmed his goal of winning the championship for the second time next year. “Yeah, I still want to give it a try. Next year I just want to play the LAPT, so I won’t travel as much, and now, with this award, I really enjoy going to all the tournaments.

He also praised the structure of the tournament and highlighted the intensity of the BSOP Millions event, which lasted for 13 days. “The BSOP Millions is incredible, the closest thing to Las Vegas, Even better because the hotel is right next door. You go, you play, you sleep. It’s very intense, the series is over 13 days and every day is intense, 15, 16 hours a day, but you can enjoy it at the table.

“There is no such thing at the poker table, there is warmth. Also, when we go to Las Vegas, the Brazilians and Argentinians feel united and represent Latin America, which is fun.”

With this victory,Baratini left an indelible mark on the history of Latin – Poker and is considered a leading figure in the LAPT world, cementing him as a champion With his status, he not only dominates the poker tablebut also inspires people through his dedication and humble victories.

The final prize went to third-place winner Jose Raul Severino, who received $10,000.

LAPT 2023 Top 10

1° Juan Barattini – 1,883.00 points2° Anthony Baranqueiros – 1,701.603° Jose Raul Severino – 1,310.004° Diego Sebastian Arrow – 1,297.205° Jorge Enrique Lamela – 1,121.006° Gabriel Braga Mendez 981.007° Rafael Moraes 854.008° Carlos Hay 854.009° Lucas Rigos 818.0010° Hugo Zanotti – 816.00

Juan Barattini wins LAPT 2023 ranking


  • This text discusses the victory of Juan Barattini in the Latin American Poker Tour, highlighting his journey to becoming the champion and his future plans. It also mentions his praise for the tournament structure and the unity felt by Brazilians and Argentinians in the poker community.

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