On Wednesday at PokerStars, Red won 23 regular Multi-Table Tournaments.

Regular tournaments were the protagonists of Wednesday at PokerStars.

The room with the red spade organized 9 tournaments with jackpots of more than €10,000 and €165k in prizes. None of these MTTs ended with a Spanish victory.

In the smaller tournaments, La Roja achieved a total of 23 victories in the regular PS MTTs yesterday. These were the Spanish winners:

“camarero365” (PKO €5).

“DrGabarrouski” (SuperStack 5€).

“Javi_Marri” (PKO 3€).

“nicosoler96” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).

“joeyhecactus” (PKO 10€).

“russiiko.sbd” (SuperStack 3€).

“el_Puerco’87” (PKO 1€ 6-Max).*

“carlos96m” (PKO 20€ 6-Max).

“pelagallo46” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).

“Yuna-Julaga” (PKO 20€ Turbo).* “tascinko” (PKO 20€ 6-Max).

“tascinko” (PKO 1€).

“BiTeSS” (Blowout 30€).

“Tikoarm111” (Daily Micro 1€).

“sebastrohous” (Omaha H/L 10€).* “sebastrohous” (Omaha H/L 10€).

“Zorlas” (BB 20€).*.

“reconfired1” (The Mini Hot BST 5€).

“Txitxingorri” (Ultra KO 20€ Turbo).

“enzookert” (€0.50 NLHE).

“JotaMiralles” (PKO €5 Turbo).

“victorrr04” (Zoom PKO 30€).

“domilareean” (£2 NLHE).

“Archigambler” (£0.50 NLHE 6-Max Turbo).

“Amrs1980” (€5 NLHE Hyper).

The Spaniards won 8 doubles (marked in the list with an asterisk) and the balance in the HU was very positive for our team: 15 wins vs. 9 second places.

These are the results of the regular tournaments that had 5-figure pots:

pizzypaiva (PKO 10€ 6-Max. Prize: €1,440.98. Field: 1,244. Prize pool: €11,196. Country: Portugal).

Chimoltrúfia0 (Bigger €50. Prize pool: €2,853.75. Field: 364. Prize pool: €16,380. Country: Brazil).

Rehfastilfe (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €3,177.32. Field: 2,943. Prize pool: €26,487. Country: France).

123bombaaaaa (Thunder 50€. Prize: €5,272.11. Field: 611. Field: 611. Prize pool: €30,000. Country: Portugal).

EmperorBeanss (Night on Stars €100. Prize pool: €3,136.10. Field: 216. Prize pool: €20,000. Country: Brazil).

luffy2007 (BB 10. Prize: £1,175.25. Field: 1,218. Prize pool: £10,962. Country: France).

Mooo_Lucky (BB £20. Prize: £1,630.79. Field: 595. Prize pool: £10,710. Country: Ireland).

Crafty1999 (Big Bang £50. Prize pool: €2,851.41. Field: 408. Prize pool: €20,000. Country: France).

durd3nn (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €2,474.68. Field: €2,203. Field: 2,203. Prize pool: €20,000. Country: Ukraine).

Today the regular tournaments will again be the main focus of attention on PokerStars. VGL, Spaniards! They will compete with the Europa League matches.

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