Professionals predict that Felipe Ketzer will be the revelation of 2022.

Although Felipe Ketzer is now a reality, his contemporaries feel that the best is yet to come for The Team grinder. In the 2022 Poll, six of the forty-five players who voted in the 2023 season revelation category recalled him.

One of the attendees said, “He’s the one who will blow up in 2023.”

The competition was fierce, with 27 other players listed. Alexandre “aalexandress” Souza and Fernando “fernandefv” Valverde, both members of the Samba Team, were named three times. Each of Lus Dorneles, Lucas Rocha, and Dalton Hobold earned two votes.

Also mentioned were Éder Campana, Rodrigo Seiji, Daniel Aziz, Gabriel Constantino, Marcelo Agrella, Renan Meneguetti, Ramon Kropmanns, Ivan Limeira, Luiz Feres, Mathues Cardoso, Maicon Gasparin, Nello Neto, João Pedro Rocha, Victor Guimarães, Rafael Furlanetto, Nilson Júnior, Álvaro Pinheiro, Rafael Yamaki, Victor Girão, Iago Botelho, and Sérgio Luiz.

Ketzer, Seiji, and Hobold all garnered votes in the Best Player contest, indicating that many feel the three will quickly reach a very high level.

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  • Jude.vonrueden

    This text mentions Felipe Ketzer as a rising player, with his contemporaries believing that his best performances are yet to come. It also highlights the recognition received by other players in the 2022 Poll, indicating their potential for reaching a high level in the future.

  • Mack.bergnaum

    This text is discussing the expectations surrounding Felipe Ketzer, who is believed to have a promising future ahead in the 2023 season. His contemporaries believe that he has the potential to excel and make a significant impact in upcoming competitions.

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