Spain excels in the PokerStars Carnival Series with many victories.

The Carnaval Series at PokerStars continues to run its course. Yesterday, twelve festival events concluded, giving €399k in prize money. Four of the twelve tournaments concluded with the red-and-white flag on top. These are the Spanish champions:

Peiro97337 (CS-53: 30 Euros, Royal Rumble: 4,663.17 Euros)

Almendrilla rat (CS-55: €20 PL Omaha PKO 6-Max: €1,675.96).

Fishaldinh0 (CS-57: €100 The Evil Clown: €4,086.64) is worth €4,086.64 (The Evil Clown: €100).

(CS-58: €30 Huge Stack Party Turbo: €2,731.77) Kommandos.

Portugal’s Xaverdias10 deserves special recognition for winning both events 50 and 52 of the Carnaval Series online.

Following 59 Carnival Series events, Spain continues to top the overall nation standings, followed by Brazil and France.

First Spain: 15 victories.

2nd Brazil: 12 points, 3rd France: 11 points, 4th Portugal: 7 points, 5th Belarus: 3 points, 6th Montenegro and Ukraine: 2 points, 8th Argentina, Armenia, Chile, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, and Lithuania: 1 points.

With the four Hispanic triumphs in the SCs, La Roja won a total of 29 matches. “Lerele666” has won two online tournaments, the €10 PKO and the €10 SuperStack. These are the Spanish champions:

“AAtomAAnt” (PKO €5).

“broomman91” (SuperStack 1€).

“fortea88” (SuperStack 10€).

“mariustheb” (PKO 1€ 6-Max).

“GitanoRico13” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).

* “GitanoRico13” (PKO 5€ 6-Max).

“Lerele666” (PKO 10€ 6-Max).

“Lerele666” (10 Euro SuperStack).

“azabache70” (BB 5€ 5-Max).

“FarolesJJ” (1 Euro SuperStack).

“Mr.Omaha8” (ST Omaha £20).

“Peiro97337” (CS-53) (CS-53).

“Almendrilla rat” (CS-55) (CS-55).

“carles100” (BB 5€).

“Fishaldinh0” (CS-57) (CS-57).

“ArtusG” (BB 20). (BB 20).

“alonee7” (BB 5 euros).

*. “Kommandos” (BS-58).

* “reymel” (BS-58).

“reymel” (10 Euro SuperStack Turbo)

* “reymel” (10 Euro SuperStack Turbo)

“SuperTxiki” (Ultra KO 20€).

“nenerio” (20€ for ST Midnight Express)

* “nenerio” ($20 for ST Midnight Express)

“Torkflaves” (10€ SuperStack Turbo)

“warinhell” (SuperStack Turbo 5€) is “warinhell.”

* “litinhell” (SuperStack Turbo five euros)

“litin55” (30€ Zoom PKO).

* “litin55” (30 € Zoom PKO).

“yolihan18” (PKO 10€ 6-Max Hyper).* “yolihan18” (PKO 10€ 6-Max Hyper).

“miguestars” (SuperStack Turbo 20€).

“quespere” (PKO £5 6-Max).

“Lukowski02” (SuperStack Turbo 10€).

* “miguelinix” (SuperStack Turbo 10€).

“miguelinix” (£10 NLHE Turbo).

* “miguelinix” (£10 NLHE Turbo).

“issaabusada” (€2 NLHE).

The Spanish won 11 doubles (noted with an asterisk on the list), whereas our team’s record in the HU was 18 wins and 19 seconds.

These are the outcomes of the day’s most significant events:

LFPD76 (CS-48. Prize: €7,121.16. Field: 552. Country: Portugal; prize pool: €50,000;

El Borracho Br (CS-49. Prize: £4,481.49. Field: 5,033. Total prize pool: £45,297; Country: Brazil;

Xavierdias10 (CS-50. Prize: €5,565.77. Field: $1,450. Pool of prizes: €39,150; Country: Portugal.

igorlekroo1995 (CS-51. Prize: £6,038.83. Field: 1,235. Pool of prizes: £55,575 (Country: Brazil).

Xavierdias10 (CS-52. Prize: £3,590.69. Field: 1,353. Pool of awards: £24,354 (Country: Portugal).

Peiro97337 (CS-53: 30 Euro for the Royal Rumble. Prize pool: €4,663.17. Field: €1,306. Field: 1,306. Pool of prizes: €35,262 (Country: Spain).

Needoleris (CS-54. Prize: €11,117.57. Field: 206. Country: Lithuania; prize pool: €60,000;

Almendrilla rat (CS-55: €20 PL Omaha PKO 6-Max. Field: 515; Prize pool: €1,675.96; Field: 515; Prize pool: €10,000; Country: Spain).

Vitalik607r (CS-56. Prize pool: €2,229.03. Prize pool: €2,719. Field: 2,719. Pool of prizes: €24,471 (Country: Belarus).

Fishaldinh0 (CS-57: The Evil Clown is worth €100. Prize pool: $4,086.64. Field: 230. Total prize fund: €20,700; Country: Spain;

Kommandos (CS-58: €30 Turbo Huge Stack Party Prize pool: €2,731.77. Field: 604. Pool of prizes: €16,308 (Country: Spain).

Jojual (CS-59. Prize: €2,986.82. Field: 409. Prize fund: €18,405 (Nation: France).

Today will mark the beginning of a brand-new day of the Carnaval Series. VGL, Castilians!

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