This is how a pro approaches the WSOP final table.

This is how a pro approaches the WSOP final table.

In a new edition of “In the Mind of a Pro,” Frenchman Romain Lewis shares a final table with Argentine Ramiro Petrone.

The “On the Mind of a Pro” team at Winamax continues to convey the drama and excitement of last year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) via the perspectives of its top professional poker players.

The World Series of Poker is the most anticipated tournament of the year on the global poker circuit, so everyone wants to show off.

With the elimination of one of the most distinguished members of Team Winamax, Francois Pirault, Romain Lewis takes over and competes for the US$3,000 Freezout bracelet.

There are 65 players remaining in the US$3,000 freezeout, and the Frenchman has already began the race to the final table. With a solid stack, but not much more (33 blinds), our protagonist is aware that anything may happen at any moment, particularly if Ramiro Petrone, one of the most talented players on our continent, is at his table.

Despite his significant experience as a multi-table tournament player and almost $3.3 million in live earnings, Lewis has a difficult challenge in this encounter. Will he survive the ordeal?

Caesars, where the WSOP is place, has always made it simple for the In the Mind of a Pro crew to film some of the most thrilling moments of the event for their program. The crew is prepared to capture even more tension and beauty at the WSOP this year. With new venues, methods, and a well-established history, poker aficionados should anticipate a spectacular show.

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  • This text appears to be a promotional piece for a poker tournament called the World Series of Poker (WSOP). It highlights the participation of Frenchman Romain Lewis and the challenges he faces at the final table, while also mentioning the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event.

  • This text seems to be an article or introduction to a video series about professional poker players competing in the WSOP final table. It mentions the anticipation and excitement of the tournament and highlights the challenge faced by the protagonist, Romain Lewis, as he competes against talented players.

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