Tigergaming has released a new set of table designs.

One of the most significant upgrades to its guest room user interface in recent years has been implemented by the Chico network. New design concepts and environments were introduced to the players. The aesthetic appeal of tables increased, but their multitasking convenience decreased. Read the article for the whole story.

Chico roumes has a whole new table design.

Essentially, the update’s key “feature”

Precisely a year ago, on the US network Chico, an upgrade to the “iconic” client made bumhunt, table selection, and scripting more difficult. A major interface upgrade, which may be seen as an attempt to make new players more at ease at the tables, was introduced to players on the same day in 2022.

On October 20th, the 42nd edition of the program was released with a new “Move” theme that included an enhanced user interface, cards, animations, and a centralized location for all table settings inside the “Table themes” page.

The second point simply indicates that the “Cards” option is no longer there in the “Settings” section, and the deck is now set up alongside the table in a unified fashion. Nevertheless, all of the tables and their configurations have been changed, with the exception of the standard deck.

In reality, updates have been made to both of the accessible themes. The most disappointing part of this for frequent participants was:

The table’s proportions were adjusted, making it more “square.”

The first two things made it harder to multitask since they reduced the size of the cards and the typefaces.

The demands placed on the Computer by the client have grown as a result of the introduction of new kinds of visuals and animations that cannot be turned off.

Unfortunately, the option to deactivate all pop-up novelty was not enabled.

The layouts are now useless.


You can illustrate the new kind of tables with only a photo from the monitor and a picture, independently collected from files in the folder with the application, all thanks to the functionality of the option introduced last year and making room customers “invisible” to any software that reads graphic information from the computer desktop. The article’s thumbnail is created in this manner.

Various Notes

MTT players should also appreciate the network’s recent updates to the mobile client, which include the elimination of the chat box at all tables.

Each tournament table has a header with helpful stats and updates.

It is a single strip containing the following data:

Rank number in the dark.

Time remaining till the current level concludes.

Number of participants still in the game, advancement to the next reward tier (place and payout).

If ITM hasn’t arrived yet, the current payout or the remaining time till the conclusion of late registration.

There’s additional information about the blinds, prizes, and player stack sizes in the pop-up window that shows when you move the cursor over the panel (maximum, average, minimum).

This implementation of the network’s support for casual gamers is, on the whole, not unexpected. Tables are increasingly being ornamented with bright centerpieces in today’s TOP ROOMS. Regam must either adapt to the new user interface or find a new server. Among Chico’s key rivals, it is true that few provide the same “rolling” circumstances in terms of traffic and field strength.

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  • This text discusses the recent upgrades to the guest room user interface in the Chico network, which introduced new design concepts and environments for players. The upgrades increased the aesthetic appeal of the tables but decreased their multitasking convenience. Overall, it seems that the changes have received mixed reviews from frequent participants.

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