U.S. Poker Open Event #4 Final Table runner-up Daniel Negreanu loses the lead to Phil Hellmuth.

On this day of leisure at the U.S. Poker Open, PokerGO must be feeling pretty good about themselves.

Both Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth will be featured prominently in the final $10,000 NLHE and $10,000 PLO tournaments, respectively.

As Masashi Oya was eliminated in the very last hand of Day 1, the game began with a skeleton crew. With an effective stack that did not push anybody to take chances, the FT truly got going when Damjan Radanov started the game and then left the rest of the players alone.

The plan to disrupt Daniel Negreanu’s routine was eaten by the poker pro. He risked everything on the flop with a hand that was double-suited but missing a single card, only to have another double-suited hand block two of his clubs.

The Canadian, who had dropped to 7 big blinds at a table while everyone else was playing 70 big blinds, put on quite a show until he eventually finished in fourth place. When Dylan Weisman lost distance behind Ronald Kejzer and Allan Le in their hour-long game of golden eagle, the Canadian battled a prize leap tooth and claw.

Allan Le, the sum of $200,000

$146,300 for Ronald Keijzer.

$100,100 for Dylan Weisman.

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu wins $77,000

$161,600 for Damjan Radanov

$46.200 for Masashi Oya

Costing $38,500 is Edgardo Rosario Figueroa.

Many USPO members, including Raul Martinez, who helped put three figures on the monitors in the opening No Limit Hold’em tournament, did not return for the second day of play.

They’ve started shaping the ideal exquisite table that will air tonight on the bubble.

Phil Hellmuth knocked off Asher Conniff and Matas Cimbolas, sending the tournament to a heads-up showdown. After hours of doubles play, the lone non-American in the room, Chris Moorman of the UK, was eliminated.

There were a lot of tasty options for Hellmuth to select from when it came time to choose opponents to showcase for the cameras. As Jim Collopy, Cary Katz, and Cherish Andrews were eliminated, Allan Le was left in the hunt, playing Jeremy Ausmus and “Mr. WPT” Darren Elias in back-to-back tournaments.

2.35 million for Jeremy Ausmus

Elias Darren 2,280,000

1.93 million by Jesse Lonis

1.8 million for Phil Hellmuth

1,020,000 for George Wolff

Alphonse Le 810,000

765 thousand Aram Oganyan





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