Vilches exacted his vengeance in the Iguaz Poker Tour.

Iguaz CityVilches’ vengeance at the Iguaz Poker Tour

A participant from Rosario, who had been eliminated from the Main Event by aces, won one of the last events of the festival.

The retribution that Vilches exacted at the Iguassu Poker Tour

Cristian Vilches was a major player in the Iguazu Poker Tour. He participated in the High Roller, was eliminated from the Main Event after a devastating loss, and at the conclusion of the festival exacted his vengeance.

The player from Rosario, who is a regular at the City Center Iguazu and tournaments in the region, won the $300 buy-in Progressive KO tournament and at least ended the series with a smile, especially considering the manner in which he had exited the Main Event, where Leonardo Camera cracked aces preflop to knock him out of the money.

Vilches was able to rejoice and win a new championship in one of his last tournaments: he overcame Nacho Romano in the heads-up of this bounty event and earned US$3,550, while the runner-up got US$3,400. The final table, comprised entirely of Argentines, was stacked with notable figures.

“The sensation is quite pleasant. It is always desirable to win and come in first position. I feel a little amount of vengeance after being eliminated from the Main Event due to its extreme difficulty. Thus, I am very, very glad “Vilches acknowledged on the MundoPoker website. “This award is for my wife, my kid, my family, and my friends,” the Argentine said in his dedication.

Iguaz Poker Tour – Progressive KO

Buy-in: US$300

Entries: 37

The ultimate table

1st place: Cristian Vilches – $3,550

2° Ignacio Romano – US$ 3.400

3° Federico Tur – US$ 890

4° María Martínez – US$ 600

5° José Guochi Restaurant – US$ 430

Sixth-place Cristian Stival – $300

7° Nicolás Velarde – US$ 240

8° Marcelo Ruiz – US$ 200

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  • This text reports on Cristian Vilches, a participant in the Iguazu Poker Tour who was eliminated from the Main Event but then won the $300 buy-in Progressive KO tournament. Vilches expressed satisfaction and a sense of vengeance after his earlier elimination, dedicating his win to his loved ones.

  • The text describes a poker player, Cristian Vilches, who had been previously eliminated from the Iguazu Poker Tour but later won a tournament, resulting in a feeling of vengeance and satisfaction for him. Vilches dedicated his victory to his loved ones and expressed his happiness for the win.

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