“What Game Is This?”: Diego Emperador at WSOP 2023

The WSOP Main Event bubble is a unique moment. No one wants to risk falling into the last thankless spot outside the prize pool. With 55 big blinds in hand, Diego Emperador was almost waiting for the payout to be announced when, at the worst possible moment, he hit a huge deadlock and made a survival decision.

He told us about everything that happened at the station in the “What game is this?” board. After a small raise from player Daniel Vampan, Diego held and defended the big blind. “Very active in the bubble, he’s very big,” Paulista described. The flop came and Diego check-called a third of his opponent’s bet.

On the turn, the opponent initiates a pot betting attack. “I think he’s going to put a lot of pressure on me. His range is pretty much any second start for me because the other players are very out of control. They’re all American and they’re small. They say they will.” “Fold to AA on the bubble. So he might open both,” he explained.

“Maybe it’s worth betting on a worse J for him,” Emperador added. He called and saw the board was done on the river. “This place is sick. There’s a big pot, 225,000 in chips, and I’m 40 blinds behind, so 325,000,” he said. Vampan declared an all-in pot and a half, leaving the Brazilian in his position to make the decision of his tournament life.

“His value range It’s very narrow in there. There’s going to be AJ, tricks, sequences, but he’s going to want it very badly too.” He’s not going to go all out and make me lose control, it’s the main event bubble, it takes a lot. I thought about it, and I thought about it, and I think he has a lot more bluff combo than value combo. All seven, all five, even more,” he explained.

A crowd of cameras and reporters approached the Brazilian’s table, adding to the pressure. He called and hit, as his opponent said “It was too bad because it filled the audience with cameras, pressure, clouds and a lot of people. “Diego also compared Vampan’s response in another similar match and noticed a change.”

” He asked about the time had come and had played against another player in another hand The player is all-in. His expression was very calm. That hand says “He has changed.” On the other hand, he says he has value, in which case he examines it closely, asks what the watch is, etc. It also makes me want to play,” explained the Brazilian. If he misses the call, he’ll win a consolation buy-in for the 2023 WSOP.

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