Yuri Martins reaches the final table of PokerStars’ $5,200 Titans event.

Always in contention for online high roller championships, superstar Yuri Martins advanced Brazil to the final of the $5,200 Titans. After finishing in fourth place, the owner of the account “theNERDguy” added $38,560 to his bankroll.

On his last hand, when he had 12 big blinds remaining, he defended the big blind and called the all-in of the little “SerVlaMin,” who had less than 1 big blind left. With AQ vs 75, the 9tales member struggled with the 9K58J board and was eliminated.

Remaining on PokerStars, Yuri placed second out of 36 players in the $530 PL Omaha Sunday High Roller (6-Max), earning the Paran√° native $5,186 in prize money.

Having previously visited the GGPoker felts, Yuri finished sixth in the Bounty Hunters Super High Roller for $5,250. He got $5,625 in total.